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I was perusing the paper a day or two ago and ran across an article which referenced about the frantic surge in Coorg during the long end of the week… An idea simply crossed my head that I have visited Coorg various occasions before and I have never composed a blog about my involvement with Coorg… So here goes my review on this excellent heaven settled in the Western Ghats which is otherwise called The Scotland of India, Coorg.

Coorg or Kodagu as it is frequently alluded to is arranged on the lovely Western Ghats of India. The good way from Bangalore to Coorg is around 240 kms.

How to reach Coorg from Bangalore

There are various courses prompting Coorg from Bangalore and the beneath referenced courses are the most utilized courses to Coorg

Highway 1: Bangalore Maddur Mandya Srirangapatna right turn towards Ranganathittu winged animal Sanctuary Hunsur Coorg

Highway 2: Bangalore Maddur Mandya Srirangapatna Mysore Hunsur Coorg

The first course referenced above is the best course to Coorg as you don’t need to enter the jam-packed streets of Mysore and this course takes you through some lovely wide open streets close to Ranganathittu winged creature haven and KRS…

I had visited Coorg as of late in the long stretch of April and in this blog I have laid out a 2 days agenda which was arranged as a feature of this outing to Coorg since I feel 2 days are more than adequate to visit all the significant vacation destinations of  Resorts in Coorg.

The Plan…

One of my partners at office had purchased another Hyundai i20 Elite and the vehicle was wanting for some backbone testing on the roadway . So I alongside my office associates chose to beat the work weight and test the constraints of this vehicle by hitting the parkway. Furthermore, as the greater part of you are as of now mindful that after marriage you are scarcely permitted to go out traveling by keeping your significant other behind at home ( Hope my better half isn’t perusing this blog 😉 ). So to stay away from the blame inclination or I would state enthusiastic coercion 😉 We chose not to enjoy Bachelor life much and limit the outing to simply the end of the week .

So proceeding onward… The best spot to visit throughout the late spring months would be the slope stations and because of the time limitations we chose to visit a spot close by and what preferred spot over Resorts in Coorg which has the adept atmosphere conditions for an incredible end of the week excursion.

At first we were around 8 individuals who had initially wanted to come on the outing however because of the previously mentioned requirements, the better half limitation to be explicit the tally was decreased to 4 😉 .

So Coorg it was…

One vehicle, 4 individuals and the street… .The Trip Begins…

Day 1:

We wanted to begin by 5 am on Saturday to beat the distraught scramble for Mysore street. My companion who claimed the vehicle got all of us and we left Bangalore just by 6. We wanted to have our morning meal in A2B café in Maddur yet anyway because of food cravings we needed a refueling break in Kamat in Channapatna. We had the morning meal buffet as we would get the opportunity to taste all the things on the menu and it worked out less expensive 😉

When finished with the morning meal we began from Kamat by 8 and took off to our goal. We wanted to legitimately go to Coorg without sitting around idly in eating and so on in transit as we were running on a tight calendar.

Plan for Day 1 : registration at the homestay by 12. Visit Raja seat Mantap by 3 at that point head to Abbey falls and later polish off with a visit to Pushpagiri untamed life haven or Mandalpatti as it is regularly called.

We came to Coorg by 12 and it required some investment to find the homestay. We remained at Misty Heights homestay which is situated at a confined hillock. The homestay had studio convenience with only one loo… Since we were lone rangers it wasn’t an issue at all 😉

So we spruced up and took off to our first goal for the afternoon, Raja Seat Mantap

Raja Seat Mantap

As the name proposes this was the spot from where the King of Kodagu used to watch the delightful nightfall alongside his better half. This spot is near the Madikeri town and an unquestionable requirement to visit places for sightseers visiting Coorg. You can get some fabulous perspectives on the Madikeri town and the encompassing slopes from this spot. The best and ideal opportunity to visit this spot would be during early morning or during the dusk. This spot additionally has the moving wellspring show simply like in KRS.

In the wake of visiting Raja seat we took off to another must visit place in Madikeri i.e., Abbey falls.

Monastery Falls

Abbi falls/Abbey falls is found somewhere in the range of 8 kms from the Madikeri town. The falls are arranged inside an espresso estate. This falls can be reached by a 5 mins stroll through the delightful manor. Waterway Kaveri moves through this spot and the falls is in its full magnificence during the storm and thus the best an ideal opportunity to visit this spot would be during the rainstorm months i.e., July to September.

After a brisk visit to Abbey falls we took off to the most anticipated goal of the day whose magnificence draws me to go to Coorg over and over.

Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary otherwise called Mandalpatti

Mandalpatti is found somewhere in the range of 20 kms from the Madikeri town. This is an absolute necessity to visit places while you are in Coorg. You can get marvelous perspectives on the Western Ghats structure at this spot. There are scarcely any perspectives in this spot which can in all likelihood be named as self destruction focuses 😉 thus one should be exceptionally cautious while you are remaining at the tip of the mountains particularly during the storm months.

Driving choices to this spot – If you are going by your own vehicle You can drive upto 15 kms in your vehicle till you arrive at a point where you can see the Mandalpatti board. Starting here onwards for 5 kms one needs to employ jeeps for around Rs 600 to 700 since the streets are terrible and is impossible by ordinary vehicles except if you own a 4X4 vehicle with enormous ground leeway ;).

The jeep ride is exceptionally rough henceforth in the event that you have back torment or joined by older individuals you can give this spot a skip.

The best and ideal opportunity to visit this spot is late at night or promptly toward the beginning of the day. This spot is otherwise called Mugilupete as it is constantly secured mind mists

In the wake of encountering the astounding perspectives starting here we went to the convenience and this finished Day 1 of our visit to Coorg.

Day 2:

So following a productive day 1 we as a whole woke up energized and we were enthusiastically anticipating activities on day 2.

So here was the arrangement for Day 2.

Visit Bhagamandala by 8AM, visit Brahmagiri by 9AM, visit Brahmagiri by 12AM.Look at from the homestay by 1. Head to Bangalore and eat in transit. Visit Kaveri Nisargadhama by 3 and then Golden Buddha sanctuary by 5 and polish off with a rich supper in Fish land or Bhuvaneshwari military lodging.

So there was such a great amount of anticipated Day 2 and we were completely eager to begin the day. We woke up right on time and in the wake of sprucing up we went to our first goal of the day i.e., Bhagamandala.


Bhagamandala is a sanctuary town situated a good way off of 35 kms from Madikeri town in Kodagu area. This spot houses a well known Shiva sanctuary called Bhagandeshwara sanctuary. The triveni sangam i.e., juncture of 3 waterways to be specific Kaveri, Kannike and Sujyoti stream is likewise arranged at this spot. Pilgrims visiting Talakaveri (place where the Cauvery waterway begins) as a rule take a dunk in this heavenly juncture of 3 Rivers or the triveni sangam before heading towards Talakaveri.

We visited the celebrated Bhagandeshwara sanctuary at Bhagamandala. After the sanctuary visit we took off to Talakaveri.


Talakaveri is a good way off of 40 kms from Madikeri town in Kodagu region. This is where the Cauvery River which takes care of or on the off chance that I can say offers life to the greater part of the spots in Karnataka starts.

This spot is arranged on the Brahmagiri slope. A little tank is developed at the head of the slope and it is said that the Cauvery River starts at this specific point, under the tank.

I surmise this spot has an exceptional criticalness to we the individuals of Bangalore since I can’t envision what might have been the territory of Bangalore without this River.

This spot likewise has a sanctuary for Goddess Kaveri.

There are steps prompting the Brahmagiri slope see point from the sanctuary. We have to stroll around 250-300 steps to arrive at the view point. Once on top you will overlook the torment you took to arrive at the head of the slope and rather you will be awestruck at the excellence this spot brings to the table.

We visited the sanctuary and the Bramhagiri sea point. After which we returned to Bhagamandala for a brisk informal breakfast. We arrived at our convenience by 1.

On the off chance that you are intending to visit Talakaveri , the best spot to eat or lunch will be at Bhagamandala as this spot has numerous little inns offering breakfast and suppers.

Leg 2 of our excursion…. Nisargadhama and Tibetian Golden Buddha sanctuary.

Kaveri Nisargadhama

Kaveri Nisargadhama is a little forested land through which the Cauvery River streams. This spot is situated in Kushalnagar in Kodagu and one can visit this spot when venturing out back to Bangalore from Coorg. There are assigned spots in this spot where one can get into the streaming Cauvery River and even swim. There are possibilities for drifting too at this spot. This spot makes for a perfect excursion spot for families who are searching for a one road trip from Bangalore.

We came to Nisargadhama by 3 and chilled in the water for an hour after which we took off to our next goal i.e., Tibetian Golden sanctuary.

The following are a few pics of the sanctuary.

After the sanctuary visit we were late to feast in either Fish land or Bhuvaneshwari military inn thus we had food at A2B in Mysore and took off to Bangalore.

There are barely any different well known spots in Coorg which I have not secured as a component of this outing. On the off chance that you have a prolonged season of remaining in Kodagu you can investigate these choices as well.

  • Dubare elephant Camp.
  • Mallalli Falls close Pushpagiri slope
  • Raja’s burial place
  • Stream pontoon


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