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Every owner of a WordPress website should emphasize on security. Google is very strict about malware and phishing. It backlists over 10K sites daily after detecting malware and more than 50K every week for phishing.

Embracing the best practices for security with WordPress development services help becomes the need of the hour. They will help you safeguard your website against malware and phishing adequately. WordPress is a popular and widely used content management system used by small and big businesses worldwide.

Cyber threats lurk high, so prevention is always better than a cure for protecting your WordPress websites. So, the question is, how can you effectively prevent hackers from targeting your WordPress site?

Ways to Stop WordPress Hacks with WordPress Development Services 

  • Make sure your management and passwords are powerful– Hackers are smart these days. They identify the credentials of your WordPress site to break in and steal sensitive information. They resort to an attack known as a brute force attack, especially if you have a weak password. Merely setting a strong password will reduce the risks of any brute force attack. It can be challenging for you to remember all your passwords for the WP-logins you own. You may have the practice of writing them all down in one place or even keeping the same password for all of them uniformly. This is not wise at all. You become prone to a brute force attack even more.

To solve this issue, you can use a credible password manager to keep all your passwords stored in a single place. The password manager creates your password and remembers them for you. This means you do not have to memorize all your passwords. They are so helpful that if you set a password that is too weak, they will alert you immediately.

  • Update and secure WordPress plugins– WordPress has high levels of security, and some developers update the platform regularly by creating plugins to boost protection. If you install too many of them with the assumption, they will protect the WordPress security often exposes the site to several vulnerabilities of it being hacked. The reason being WordPress plugins and codes are open to all. So, if you install many plugins for security, you have several doors.

However, you forget about the side entrances that allow hackers to sneak in and steal your information. The functionality of your WordPress site does increase with these security plugins; however, if you do not update them regularly, they work against you. This is why you must ensure that you keep these plugins updated and your site daily to avoid any loopholes.

  • Install SSL Certification– SSL certification helps to protect websites online. WordPress experts say this is an essential step that you must keep in mind when it comes to keeping hackers away from your site. This certification protects data by encrypting it when used and transferred. For instance, when you fill in a contact form on the website, the information or the data transferred stays encrypted.

The most significant advantage of installing SSL certification on a site means it is safe when you travel. Some hosts give you SSL certification for free. You also have the option to deploy a separate plugin for SSL certification as well.

Back up your site with a WordPress Development Company

With the aid of a good WordPress development company, you should take backups regularly. These backups might not stop WordPress hacks completely; however, they play an instrumental role in disaster recovery. Regular backups should be considered to prevent the database of websites from falling prey to malicious attacks.

Experts from these companies also recommend you monitor your website regularly. You can track and mitigate any security risks. You can set an alert on Google Search Console to detect issues on your site. Do not forget to check the error logs on the site. This can be done via the cPanel File Manager or SFTP (FTP). Keep checking the Raw Access Logs on your server for keeping track of every user that accesses the files of your website. There are credible WP plugins that also help you to track all the changes to your data and issues that you might have when you access your site.

Hire WordPress Developers to keep security threats in check

When you hire WordPress Developers from an esteemed company, you can keep all cyber threats in check. They will help you with a careful choice of WP plugins you can use on your website. They also guide you with the best WP themes to use with your site. When hiring the best developers for your WordPress site, ensure they are qualified, trained, and skilled with the latest technologies to get the best results. With the right WP theme and plugin, you can keep your site safe.

Experienced experts from WordPress development services state you cannot eliminate cyber hacks to your sire altogether, but you can reduce them. Make sure you monitor the site regularly and call in professionals qualified in WordPress development for the best security practices for your website.

Regular backups are needed so that disaster recovery can be carried out in the event of failure. In case your WordPress site does get hacked, it causes irreparable damage to your reputation and business revenues. You will find that they steal your data, passwords, install software malicious in nature, and worst they can also make you pay for ransomware for getting access to your website back. By default, WordPress can install small updates, but for the major ones that are released in the market, you need to install them manually for better protection.

As the owner of a website, it is your responsibility to take care of your site for optimal business growth and revenue.

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