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We all have faced problems with our internet routers and it’s an established fact that they can be very annoying. Just to put it straight, the main problems are caused by the range of our routers. Owning a house a bit larger than average needs better routers. The range of wireless routers is in the most past slouchy. In addition to that, if you throw in a larger space or a few more walls, dead spots are bound to appear. Just to be on the safe side of things and not mess up your internet connection while in the middle of something important, you could use a range extender. A device that relays the network of your router and multiplies the range. It is basically like a clone of your router. So wherever you place it in your home in the range of your router it shall act as a second router with its own range. Then what is the link mentioned above in the header? Let’s take a glance. 

Linksys Extender setup 

The link mentioned before is a part of the setup of the Linksys extenders. You need not worry a lot about the setup. There is no rocket science behind it. All you need to do is get yourself a Linksys extender and then hook it up with your device with a wired or wireless connection. You can then move ahead and browse to complete the setup. It will redirect you to a login page. Once you are logged in you can use the UI to connect your extender to your router. This will ensure that the extender is connected to the right device and then you are just good to go. After the setup is completed using the you can proceed to find a good spot for your extender. Always try to find the most central place with reference to the router. If you place the extender outside the range of the router it will have trouble relaying the network. 

You can use the LEDs present on the device to find the best place for your router. Once set up the extender will successfully eliminate Wi-Fi dead spots and strengthen the network profoundly. You will not have to worry about having a bad connection or running power cycles on your router regularly. The extender will provide you with speeds and strong connections around the clock. You can also use the setup link mentioned above to check the statistics of the usage of the extender as well as for other purposes. This could include, updating the firmware and personalizing the settings of your extender. 

Reset Linksys Extender device 

If you need to change your router and require to reset your extender, you can do it quite easily. Just use the reset button and it will go back to its factory settings. After this, it can be reprogrammed to relay the network of your new device as done before. The wireless router extenders are pretty good at solving range problems and are a good buy along with your router. 

The age of a new type of router: Linksys Velop Ac6000 

Singular routers are so conventional. They have become a norm and the issues tied around them are also quite everywhere. We just put up with them. We may also try to solve those problems with the help of extenders. Now the conventional extenders are also slowly becoming a thing of the past. In this fast-paced era that we live in today, every day brings in something new. The new generation of extenders is the mesh extenders and I would love to bring the best of them here that is the Linksys whw0303 velop ac6600. The mesh router of the future. This form of the device has the dual function for a router and an extender and can be setup either way. They come in either doubles or triples or even singles so that you can I corporate them to your system. 

Why would you prefer a mesh system?

Mesh systems are a group of devices that form a network blanket around your home. Anyone of them can act as the router I.e. the base station. The others can then be setup as the extenders to it. They form a very strong and vivid range across your home and leave no dead spots or weak network areas. You can easily set them up and then use the Linksys velop mesh wifi ac 6600 light statuses in order to set the extender pods on the right position. Once set up the mesh is made and you can have connectivity all across your house. If you feel the need for extra extenders other than the three that already come in the package, you need not worry at all. You can buy them individually and set them up into the existing group of extenders. This will allow a lot more flexibility than any other mesh wifi router system available out there. Flexibility means a lot on this series of network routers. 

Reset whw0303? 

You may also tend to raise the question as to how to reset Linksys whw0303 ac6600? It isn’t that difficult as well. All you need to do is find the reset button and reset the units back to their basic factory settings. After that, you can run a power cycle and then proceed to reprogram then as done when they were brought in for the first time. In order to keep the velop mesh routers working at the peak of perfection, you will need to take a little care. Always be quick to complete the whw0303 firmware update. This will keep your mesh system up to date with the firmware and solve any bugs that were earlier in it. This will allow it to function to the best of its abilities.

The mesh router is a better option than singular extenders as it already has a base station as well as extenders. This eliminated the need for an existing extender and also multiple extenders. Though it provides a lot of flexibility, the mesh router is not the most in a budget of them all. 

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