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Business owners hire accountants to manage the numbers in their business and turn, handle their finances efficiently. QuickBooks, in its native form installed locally, caters certain limitations. Now, that each company is competing to reach new heights, QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Services has worked on to help accomplish businesses the same. The issues with the desktop version of QB are related to hardware and the IT infrastructure attached to it.

Cloud Technology takes away the hassle of hardware setup from accounting firms so that they focus on the core areas. In this article, we have answered why accounting firms, CPAs, and businesses are shifting to Cloud Hosting services.

How Are Accounting Firms Benefitted With QuickBooks Hosting Services?

Once you have gone through the below-listed QuickBooks Cloud Hosting services, you will understand why your business needs to adopt this service. Besides, you will know how it benefits and aids in overall productivity. All the hassles that one has faced in the desktop version of QB are handled by Cloud computing. It offers secure solutions to the businesses that further, maximize the profitability of accounting firms.

  1. Mobility with QuickBooks Cloud Hosting:

Whenever business hires accounting firms or CPAs, they expect them to be available on every single call. If we talk about it practically, it isn’t always possible for an employee to be available 24X7 as they have their own professional and personal tasks that need to be accomplished. Besides, a lot of time is spent commuting and other non-work-related tasks.

With QuickBooks Desktop, the users are restricted to their workplace. Hence, the productive hours are reduced. Moreover, it is not feasible for anyone to spend extra hours in the office.

It is amongst one of the reasons as to why accounting firms want to shift to QuickBooks Hosting. By hosting QuickBooks on the cloud, it allows users to access their financial data from any remote location. In return, the owners may also contact their accountants for any queries, and thus may result in enhanced productivity.

  1. Real-time tracking:

Accounting tasks that consumed workforce and paperwork has become dependent on technology such as QuickBooks. QuickBooks caters features that provide the users with exceptional task accomplishment in the market. Yet, QB Desktop stores the data on a local server, and to keep track of the work, the business owners need to be in front of the PC. The unavailability of QuickBooks data may result in loss of productivity.

QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Services eradicates all such issues, and the owners can glance at the work that has been by their accountants. The accountants can work remotely as per the need from both parties and thus, result in enhanced profitability.

  1. Customer Support:

Issues and errors with operating systems or hard drives do not come with a warning sign. For a second, imagine all your data is stored on your PC, and it crashes! SHOCKED? You must be.

Hence, it is either you who will bear the loss or your IT team has to work on the data recovery. Therefore, you need additional infrastructure and more employees for making it happen. An IT team demands a significant amount of time and effort on your end. Moreover, it would have been worth if you spent your time on something productive rather than worrying about all the above challenges.               

  1. Add-ons:

The prior work of any accounting software is to carry out essential function efficiently. Here, it is the add-on/complimentary feature, that makes it stand above the rest. Undoubtedly, add-ons assist in enhancing the functionality and allow the users to get more tasks done in single software.

In general, it is the third-party add-ons that combine with QuickBooks and offer complete accounting solution. But, with the desktop version, you cannot always integrate the add-ons due to limited resources.

With QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Services, you can integrate any number of add-ons with QuickBooks software. It helps to save a lot of time and in turn, optimize business functions and hence increase billable hours.

  1. Collaboration:

Inside the accounting firm, the clients and accountants must have a smooth workflow. Moreover, one must always pass the authentic information. With QuickBooks being localized, the team has to pass on information via emails and USB drives. Due to this, multiple copies of the same data are created and then uploaded several times.

  1. Higher Availability:

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that, QuickBooks software has made accounting more manageable, and the time which was taken earlier has reduced manifold times. It is possible for one, to do the entire accounting task of accounting with just the QuickBooks software. QuickBooks Desktop at times might hamper the work due to limitations of localization of file. But, with cloud-hosted QuickBooks, its easier for one to access the data from anywhere anytime. Hence, you may work as per your business requirements.

Summing It Up

QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Services is something that you must serve your business with. It reduces billable hours and enhances overall business productivity. It is perfect for those who don’t want to get rid of the desktop features. Cloud bestows the users with the nest of both the worlds.


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