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According to scriptures and Puranas (Bhagavata purana) Lord Krishna had eight wives. Rukmini was Krishna’s first wife and chief queen (Patrani) of Dwarka. She was the incarnation of the goddess Lakshmi.

In Hindu mythology and scriptures, Lord Krishna is believed to have had several wives, with the most prominent and well-known among them being Rukmini and Radha. Let’s explore a bit about them:

Rukmini: Rukmini is considered to be the primary queen and consort of Lord Krishna. She was a princess of the Vidarbha kingdom and is revered for her devotion to Lord Krishna. Their marriage is one of the most celebrated events in Hindu mythology, as Rukmini chose Krishna as her husband and eloped with him. Rukmini is regarded as an ideal devotee and symbolizes unconditional love and devotion towards the divine.

Radha: Radha is a central figure in the worship and adoration of Lord Krishna. She is believed to be his eternal companion and the embodiment of divine love (prema). Radha’s devotion and love for Krishna are considered unparalleled, making her the epitome of devotion and the symbol of the deepest connection between a devotee and the divine. Their relationship is often depicted as the divine love play (leela) between the Supreme Being and the soul.

Apart from Rukmini and Radha, Lord Krishna is also believed to have had other wives, such as Satyabhama, Jambavati, Kalindi, and others, as mentioned in various Hindu scriptures and mythological texts.

According to Hindu mythology, Lord Krishna is said to have eight principal wives, known as the Ashtabharya. These eight wives are:

  1. Rukmini: Rukmini is considered the chief queen and consort of Lord Krishna. She was a princess of the Vidarbha kingdom and is revered for her unwavering devotion and love for Krishna.

2. Satyabhama: Satyabhama was the daughter of King Satrajit and became one of Krishna’s wives. She is known for her fiery personality and strong devotion to Krishna.

3. Jambavati: Jambavati was the daughter of King Jambavan, a bear-like creature in Hindu mythology. She married Krishna and is often depicted as a loving and devoted wife.

4. Kalindi: Kalindi is believed to be the daughter of the sun god, Surya. She became Krishna’s wife and is associated with the river Yamuna, where Krishna performed various divine leelas (playful activities).

5. Mitravinda: Mitravinda was the daughter of King Bhishmaka and became Krishna’s wife. She is often portrayed as a devoted and loyal wife.

6. Nagnajiti: Nagnajiti, also known as Neeladevi, was a princess who married Krishna. She is believed to have exceptional beauty and charm.

7. Bhadra: Bhadra was the daughter of King Suryavarma and became Krishna’s wife. She is known for her virtuous nature and devotion to Krishna.

8. Lakshmana: Lakshmana, not to be confused with Lord Rama’s sister, was another wife of Lord Krishna. She was the daughter of King Brihatsena and is regarded as a devoted wife.

These eight wives of Lord Krishna hold significant importance in Hindu mythology, and their stories depict different aspects of love, devotion, and divine play associated with Lord Krishna’s life.

Below is the list of all eight wives of Lord Krishna.

Name of Eight Wives of Lord Krishna

Names Who they are?
Rukmini Daughter of Bhishmaka, the king of Vidarbha
Satyabhama Incarnation of Mother earth & Daughter of Satrajit
Jambavati Daughter of Jambavan
Kalindi Daughter of God Surya and saranyu and the deity of river Yamuna
Mitravinda Daughter of Jayasena, Rajadhidevi
Nagnajiti Daughter of king Nagnajita of Kosala
Bhadra Daughter of Dhrishtaketu & Shrutakirti
Lakshmana Daughter of Brihatsena the King of Madra

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