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A newborn’s arrival is a beautiful event full of excitement and expectation. In addition to being a time-tested custom, swaddling wraps are a helpful way to make your infant feel comfortable, protected, and secure in their early years. We will go into the realm of organic swaddling wraps in this post and discuss why they are the best option for your baby.

Preventing Reflex Startles With Swaddling

Nestled perfectly inside a swaddle burrito—yes, infants may be tucked into the loveliest fabric burrito—babies can sleep for extended periods because it restricts their hand movement. In the first few days, you’ll note that swaddling allows the baby to sleep through their startle reflexes, little sneezes, and other hand motions.

Swaddling is the ancient practice of tightly wrapping a blanket or fabric around an infant. By simulating the cosiness of the womb, this method helps avoid the startle response, which sometimes wakes up a newborn. Additionally, swaddling might give your baby security and make them feel more at ease and calm.

The Newborn Learns To Sleep On Their Back By Being Swaddled

The first six to eight weeks are the best times to swaddle a newborn. Swaddled babies may sleep on their backs and cannot roll over to their other side. According to some studies, sleeping with your baby on their back may help prevent SIDS or sudden infant death syndrome. A baby may learn to sleep on their back using a swaddling wrap, which will be helpful in the following months.

Improved Breathing

Since swaddle blankets breathe better than cotton ones, your baby won’t overheat while being swaddled. Because the bamboo fabric is porous and allows air to flow, it is perfect for hot, muggy areas. Bamboo fibers can wick away moisture, keeping your baby cosy and dry.

UV Protection, Odour-Free, Hypoallergenic, and Naturally Antibacterial

Because bamboo plants have a bio-agent known as “Bamboo Kun,” which fights germs, they can grow and thrive in the wild without pesticides. This plant’s beneficial property amazingly persists in textile form, destroying all germs and promoting a longer lasting, more hygienic, and odour-free sensation in the user.

Hypoallergenic bamboo cloth is an excellent option for infants with delicate skin or those who react adversely to other natural fibres like hemp or wool.

Compared To Organic Cotton, 40% More Absorbent

Comparing bamboo cloth to the best organic cotton, the former has a 40% higher ability to absorb moisture.

In water, it can absorb three times its weight. Because of this fantastic property, clothing made of bamboo will feel less sticky in humid weather and stop sweating in hot weather.

What Precautions Do I Need To Take?

Adhere to these seven hip-friendly and safe swaddling guidelines:

  • To avoid overheating, take into account your baby’s temperature as well as their surroundings. Ensure they dress appropriately for the weather and check their temperature often. If they have a fever or are ill, do not swaddle them.
  • Use thin fabrics like a tiny cotton sheet or muslin square to swaddle your infant. A swaddled infant should not have any extra material—such as a blanket—on top of them since this might lead to overheating. Adhere to the safe sleeping guidelines by placing your infant on a level, solid surface free from any obstructions.
  • Wrapping a baby’s head or neck over their shoulders is never appropriate. To prevent suffocation, ensure all materials are tight and will not come free when your baby moves.
  • Lower the risk of hip dysplasia by swaddling using hip-healthy practices. Please verify that your infant can freely move their hips and knees to kick. Instead of falling straight down, your baby’s legs should be able to fall into a natural posture, like frog legs.
  • Your kid should always be placed to sleep on their back. A swaddled infant should never be put to sleep on their front or side.
  • Ensure the blanket or swaddling product you use is adequately fitted, free of defects, and complies with safety regulations before using it. To reduce the danger of overheating, choose a lower tog value and heed the manufacturer’s recommendations about age or weight ratings.


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