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Headshots are one critical part of corporate photography that reflects the company’s professionalism. At present, almost every enterprise hires pro-corporate photographers to take pictures of their premises, events, and employees. Companies put these shots on social media, magazines and on their professional websites. Not just that, individuals also use headshots as profile pictures on several pro websites like Linkedin.

Headshots may sound simple but are the most difficult part of photography. It is a 10:8 sized small pic that includes the head and shoulders of the subject. In such shots, photographers don’t need to do anything with clothing but have to focus on the subject’s face. This means photographers have to reflect a client’s personality in a small mug shot, which is difficult. 

What Are Great Headshots?

The great headshots are those that reflect the real personality of an individual, including age, looks and style. Aside from this, the headshot should present the best qualities of the subject. However, relevant experience and skills are required to master headshot corporate photography. Similarly, subjects also need to take care of several things to get stunning headshots.

In this article, we will discuss some of the important tips for getting stunning headshots. 

Tips For Subject

  • When it comes to dressing up for a headshot session, there are several things one has to take care of like, what to wear or carry or what to avoid.
  • It is recommended to go with dark clothes, such as black or navy blue.
  • Always avoid white colour until or unless it is under something.
  • Don’t wear short sleeves.
  • Avoid wearing too tight and too loose clothes.
  • Wear something that fits you well.
  • Avoid wearing anything loud.
  • No big no to scarves or big jewellery.
  • Get a peaceful sleep a day before a photo session to look fresh. Wake on time and have breakfast at ease. Leave for the office a few minutes before the routine to reach on time and keep yourself away from the traffic tension. Staying relaxed is the key to great headshots.
  • If you are female, no problem in wearing light makeup. However, don’t put on too much blusher, mascara and other cosmetics as they make you look artificial in the pictures. 

Tips To Organize Office

  • Preparing your office a day before the photography session is vital. Free up the biggest room in your company for the shoot. And don’t forget to have a conversation with your photographer in advance to organize everything nicely. This will prevent the last minute hustle and bustle that usually happens in most cases.
  • Try to seclude the sedition in the first half. This is because employees look more fresh and energetic in the morning hours. With the passing of the day, their enthusiasm also gets down and looks a bit stressed, which will clearly reflect in the headshots.
  • Plan the things by keeping in mind that corporate photographers generally do 15-20 headshots in the morning session. Make a list of employees and come up with a rough idea of ​​how many days it will take to complete the photo session.
  • Coordinate with the office staff and inform them about the timing via text message or e-mail.
  • It is vital to tell your photographer where the headshots will be used and any other special requirements related to cropping, resolution & background in advance to get brilliant results.

Corporate photography is not something that anyone takes casually. It’s a matter of your professional image. So, you should be very careful while choosing a corporate photographer. After all, it’s your only way to represent your business on big screens. There is no room for a single mistake.

Finding an experienced corporate photographer is vital to minimize the room for mistakes. As they know the deep insights of headshots and tackle such photograph sessions many times. 

The Bottom Line:

I hope you like this article, and to know more about corporate photography, stay tuned!

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