Eyelash Growth Tips

If you weren’t blessed with enchantedly long eyelashes from birth, you probably already know that even the thickest and most volumizing mascaras sometimes can’t save your lashes from seeming a touch thin and wimpy. Alternatively, if you’ve exhausted all other options for making your lashes appear longer, you may be ready to tackle the issue at its source and learn how to actually grow your lashes.

There is a whole world of serums and conditioners that can help hydrate, improve, and even lengthen your eyelashes; all you need to do is discover which ingredients actually work.

How Lash Grows?

There are three stages that make up the growth cycle of your eyelashes: catagen (the dormant stage), telogen (the shedding stage), and anagen (the growing stage).

Because your eyelashes spend the majority of their time either hanging out or falling out, it is easy to comprehend why the actual process of growing out your eyelashes can take a little bit of time. It may take up to three months for your natural lashes to start growing out. However, because we are aware of your impatience and the fact that you want your eyelashes to grow overnight, we will tell you that there is a way to extend the phase in which they are developing.

What causes short, light, or thin eyelashes?

Your eyelashes could be short, light, or sparse for a variety of causes, including the following:

  1. Genetics: It’s possible that your eyelashes have a lighter color or shorter in length depending on where you come from. There are some people whose eyelashes naturally do not have as much curl, which can also make their eyelashes appear to be shorter.
  2. Age: Eyelashes have a tendency to thin out and become less dense as we get older. This is because the growth cycle becomes more drawn out, making it take significantly more time for new lashes to grow in once the old ones have been shed. In addition, as lashes age, they become more brittle and dry, which can lead to the lashes prematurely falling out or breaking off.
  3. Wrong Care: Using mascaras that are drying or wearing false eyelashes or eyelash extensions might cause your natural eyelashes to become short, brittle, or sparse.
  4. Nutrition Loss: Vitamins and minerals are needed by hair follicles so that they can produce strong, healthy hair. Hair growth and even the development of your eyelashes might be hampered if you don’t consume enough minerals. Hair that does develop may be more fragile and prone to breaking if it receives little nutrients.
  5. Clinical Conditions: Loss of eyelashes can be a symptom of a number of medical problems, including alopecia, hypothyroidism, and trichotillomania. It’s possible that the drug you take could cause you to lose your hair, including your eyelashes. Talk to your primary care physician if you have any reason to believe that the loss of your lashes is due to a medical condition.

How to grow eyelashes Naturally?

Although there are a lot of natural components (such as castor oil, vitamin E, and coconut oil) that can help hydrate and condition your lashes, these won’t exactly cause them to grow longer. Lash conditioners and eyelash growing hacks may help strengthen lashes, keep them from splitting, or mildly expand them so that they look a little bit thicker, but they do not actually cause lashes to grow longer.

So what about all of those home treatments that involve oils like coconut, castor, and olive? In terms of your lashes growing longer, you shouldn’t expect any miracles; at the very most, you’ll notice an increase eyelash growth serums in their sheen and firmness. Purchasing eyelash eyelash growth serum is your best option if you want to achieve your goal of having lashes that are both longer and thicker.

How To Encourage Eyelash Growth

1. Give up Mascara

Mascara contains elements that can really dry up your eyelashes, making them more brittle and prone to falling out. This is something that you might not believe, but it’s true.

2. Remove Makeup

If you do decide to put eye makeup on, wash it off thoroughly before going to bed so that it doesn’t get into your eyes. The last thing you want is to have those drying elements in mascara sitting on your lashes all through the night. Also, when removing eye makeup, exercise extreme caution so as not to tear out any of your lashes. Makeup removers that contain oil are the best option for removing eye products such as mascara, eyeliner, and eyeshadow without causing irritation.

3. Lash growth serum  

The purpose of eyelash growth serum  is to improve the health and appearance of the lashes by conditioning, strengthening, and stimulating growth. An eyelash growth serum with the appropriate nutrients can make your eyelashes stronger, longer, and possibly darker, just like a conditioner for your hair.

4. Avoid False Lash

False eyelashes may help you achieve the illusion of having lashes that are fuller and longer, but they really cause damage to the natural lashes you have. Because it is very impossible to remove glue from false eyelashes and extensions without tearing out your natural lashes, it is recommended that you reserve these for use only when attending important events.

5. Growth Supplements

Since eyelashes are made up of hair, it stands to reason that a supplement designed to promote hair growth would also stimulate lash growth.

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