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A healthy diet and lifestyle help an individual to ensure that their body does not lack any vital nutrients. However, opting for general checkups is still important because it allows a person to acquire accurate knowledge about the status of their body. Getting a routine Vitamin B12 test done can allow it to fix its deficiency at an early stage.

However, many people get reluctant to get tested, primarily because of the Vitamin b12 test price. In this article, we will be checking out the various reasons why this nutrient is important, why you should consider getting checked for Vitamin B12, and an accurate picture of what influences the Vitamin b12 test price.

Why is vitamin b12 important?

Vitamin B12 is a nutrient that ensures that one’s nerve tissues are in a healthy condition, the functionality of the brain is not compromised, the red blood cells are produced in the amount that they need to, and so on. There are several ways in which this nutrient keeps our body on track, which is why its requirement is essential.

The deficiency of vitamin b12 can potentially cause some serious irreversible damage to the human body. One may develop neurological issues that are incurable, which is why it is important to take either diet rich in vitamin b12 or its supplements.

Signs you need a Vitamin B12 test

Dangerously low levels of Vitamin B12 within the body can result in permanent brain damage. Hence, it is very important to know what signs and symptoms point to the deficiency of this nutrient. If you are suffering through any of these, you should immediately consider getting tested.

Constipation and sudden weight loss are a few subtle signs of a Vitamin B12 deficiency. Constant fatigue, trouble breathing, yellow skin, diarrhoea, and heart palpitations may also imply the lack of this nutrient. While the existence of these issues does not necessarily imply vitamin B12 deficiency, a combination of them without any explanation might be an indication. Getting tested for this nutrient is the best solution in such cases.

What factors influence Vitamin B12 Test price?

Now that we are aware of the various aspects of the Vitamin B12 test, it is time to take a look at the Vitamin b12 test price and the various reasons why it varies a lot. The package of this test starts from 400 rs and goes up to 5000 rs.

If you have already researched the Vitamin B12 test prices, you must be aware of the fact that it is not as cheap as the other typical tests. Several factors influence the final Vitamin b12 test price, which is why the package seems to vary a lot. These factors include:

  • Place of residence

The Vitamin B12 testing price varies a lot from one city to another. The package won’t be the same in Delhi as it is in Mumbai, and hence we see a fluctuation in price. Depending on where you live and the place you chose to get tested, you will see a difference in the costs of this test.

  • Choice of Clinic

Another important factor that influences the costs that one has to pay while getting their Vitamin b12 levels tested is the kind of clinic that they choose to go for. If you chose to get tested at a local clinic nearby, the costs will be significantly lesser than if you would have chosen a big private hospital.

  • Tests included in the package

Several clinics offer different packages, and the price of Vitamin B12 tests varies because of what is included in them. For instance, one clinic might only offer to test a total Vitamin D test while another might offer you a Vitamin D2 and a Vitamin D3 test as well.

The tests that are included in your package heavily impact the overall costs of your test, hence it is best to assess what you want to get tested for properly and then look for the appropriate package that suits your needs the most. For example, if you only want to test your Vitamin D3 levels – there is no point in going for the pack that offers you a TSH, folic acid, and calcium test as well.


It is important to be aware of all the aspects of any test before stepping into a clinic to get tested. Since Vitamin B12 consists of various packages and combinations, it is understandable if you land in confusion as to which one to go for. One should only choose to get tested for what their doctor advises them to, and since a vitamin test is not mandatory to take every year – the cost is not a big investment.

Hopefully, this article will help you understand the important aspects of Vitamin B12 and all the relevant spheres that influence the final Vitamin b12 test price.

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