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Style and comfort go hand in hand in summer if you know what to wear. As much as choosing a comfortable shirt for a sweltering summer day is essential, knowing the type of bottom wear you need for a sultry afternoon is vital. Many other pants, from tracksuit bottoms to chinos, are suitable for various occasions and offer a welcome variation from standard denim. Knowing which pants are appropriate and how to style them is essential whether you are going to the office or on a first date. The most popular types of trousers are listed below to consider adding to your collection.

Style Guide to Men’s Trousers

Classic Linen Trousers

Classic men’s trousers are ageless, adaptable, and appropriate for various formal or semi-formal settings. A straight or slightly tapered leg form on classic trousers gives them a neat and polished appearance. They fit comfortably without being too wide or too tight. Classic men’s trousers typically fit comfortably and have a classic appearance because the waist is at the natural waistline. Traditional trousers frequently have a flat front or just one pleat at the waist, which ensures a loose fit while adding a modest touch of elegance. These are a timeless option for guys looking for a versatile and comfortable solution. A straight leg, a flat front, and a regular rise are typical characteristics of its regular-fit design. These trousers provide good airflow and are made of breathable linen fabric, making them perfect for warm weather. Depending on the occasion, you can effortlessly style simple linen trousers to dress up or down. You can wear them casually with a shirt or dress up in a dress shirt and jacket for a more formal look.


Why not wear some chinos if you are confused about what to wear after looking at your wardrobe? They go well with everything and are unpretentious and simple to dress. These offer a light and stylish replacement for heavy trousers or suit pants on days when it is too hot to wear them without seeming too casual. Choose darker hues like charcoal, navy, or black if you are going to an occasion where you need to dress up a bit. However, a pair of cream, burgundy, or green shoes are a terrific choice to complement numerous outfits if you intend to hang out with friends or visit the bar. The informal men-trouser appeal of chinos is combined with the lightweight and breathability of linen to create linen chinos. They are renowned for their sophisticated, smart-casual style. Made of linen, chinos frequently have a straighter or slimmer fit, giving them a more fitted appearance. They often include welt rear and slanted front pockets, enhancing their refined appearance. Given its adaptability, linen chinos can be paired with a wide range of clothing, such as button-down shirts, polo shirts, or thin sweaters.

Drawstring Trousers

Wearing a pair of drawstring pants will keep you comfortable all day. These are the ideal fusion of comfort and design, whether made of joggers or a lightweight-like trousers material. It is the perfect choice when you want to seem put together without committing. If you are not afraid to show it off, don them with a roll neck or a simple T-shirt, and you will reach peak luxury. If you want to conceal the fastening tie, combine them with a button-down shirt or a sweatshirt. The versatility of these bottoms makes them so attractive; you may wear them in a casual atmosphere or something more business casual. Drawstring men’s linen pants are great for unbeatable comfort and a casual aesthetic. Instead of the customary button or zipper closing, these pants have an adjustable drawstring waistline. This architectural feature enables a flexible fit and a relaxed atmosphere. Drawstring linen pants are ideal for relaxing at home, going on beach holidays, and casual trips. These men’s linen pants provide a light, carefree appearance with a hint of refinement.

Jogger Pants

Athletic wear is a comfortable and fashionable alternative to casual attire that is not just for Instagram influencers. You may sit in total luxury without looking like a slob by wearing slimline joggers, the ideal cross-between tracksuit bottoms, and regular business trousers. Wear this look with a long-lined sweater or T-shirt for the most laid-back look. Put on an office shirt and white sneakers when you are feeling stylish. As you relax in complete enjoyment, observe the accolades pour in. Due to their ability to combine style and comfort, jogger pants have been increasingly popular in recent years. For men who seek a casual yet stylish style, linen jogger pants are a wonderful choice. They usually have a drawstring waistband with elastic around them for a secure fit. The elasticised cuffs and tapered legs give them a contemporary, sleek look. For a casual and sporty look, you can wear linen jogging pants with a plain t-shirt and sneakers, or you can wear them with a light sweater for a more polished look. 

Cargo Pants

Cargo pants have made a sleek and fashionable comeback and are no longer a faux pas. Choose a pair without big side pockets or a slim leg to avoid the fisherperson’s look. For a classic look, choose neutral hues like camel, sand, or something dark to match the rest of your attire. It looks fantastic with sweaters, sweatshirts, and button-downs. Cargo pants made of linen are a terrific option for people looking for a more practical and rustic look. These linen pants for men include numerous pockets with plenty of storage space. These pockets are frequently found on the sides of the legs. The practicality of cargo-style pockets is combined with the breathability and lightness of linen fabric in linen cargo pants. They make a sensible choice for outdoor pursuits or a laid-back day out. Pair them with a simple T-shirt or a jacket with a utility vibe for a casual and daring style.

Suit Pants and Odd Trousers

The only distinction between these two styles of pants is whether the accompanying jacket is also made of the same material. In that case, they are suit pants. It would be weird to purchase an identical pair of pants without a matching jacket. You can pair unusual pants with a blazer, sports jacket, dress shirt, or a casual button-down. Suit pants made of linen are another formal alternative for events that occur outside in warm weather. The smaller cut of linen suit trousers often gives them a contemporary and elegant look. To create a coordinated and fashionable look proper for weddings, parties, or professional gatherings, these casual trousers for men are often worn with similar linen blazers or suit jackets. Since they are more breathable and comfortable in hotter weather than standard wool or polyester options, linen suit trousers are a welcome change from other materials.


From casual trousers for men to more formal varieties, their styles have significantly evolved in recent times. These tips will help you choose the best men’s trousers for your wardrobe. Clothes maketh the man as they say. Hence, it would help to have trousers that fit every need, occasion, and purpose.

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