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Are you Planning to welcome this new year with your family? Searching for new year packages 2021? 2020 has been really hard for all of us and celebrating  New Year’s Eve with your whole family can be a wonderful chance to strengthen relationships with your loved ones and start 2021 on a highly positive note. So With New Year eve packages, you can have fun, food, drinks, and games with your whole family. 

Whether you are searching for the best New Year eve hotels or want to experience the best New Year eve hotel party or get a whole new year packages 2021 then you are in the right place. After extensive research, we have come up with the tip to select New Year eve hotel packages best suitable for you. Read the whole article to choose the best new years eve packages with high discounts and best new year party deals.

Why Booking New Year Packages 2021 Is Not The Same As New Years Packages 2020?

At the beginning of 2020, the hotel occupancy rates were high and there was a continuous rise in average daily rates (ADRs). Hotel is one industry that has been squeezed harder during and before this pandemic. Full-service hotels that commonly family prefers are facing huge struggle because of emphasis on amenities and a broader range of services in these hotels that is not good news for t new years eve packages.

So there are pretty high chances the hotels that were top on the list of new years party packages in 2020 do not even fit under the top 10 list. The begging of 2021 and new year packages 2021 will be at the early stage of operation. Services may be limited in many hotels, especially luxury ones. 

Various reasons best new year packages might be different in 2021 than new years packages 2020

  • Hotels may not have started restaurants and food packages with full or limited menu options.
  • Fun and gaming activities may not be operational for new years eve hotel party.
  • Very high cost in best new year packages without discounts
  • No or limited facility of conveyance.

Kids Friendly Locale- Must Have In new year celebration packages

When you are with kids the important question is where rather than what. In New Year eve packages look for the location of a hotel that is nearby to places which kids love to visit like children’s museums, zoos, water parks,  amusement parks, or kid-friendly beaches and pools. If your new year’s party package destination is in the city, look for malls, supermarkets where kids can play, eat some ice cream and hang around. Basic idea is to choose a hotel that has family attractions in the vicinity.

Dining Options- Essential For New Years Eve Packages

It is one of the challenging tasks to find the place to eat that the whole family agrees upon. Many hotels come with special menu options that kids love to eat which will not make holes in their parents ‘ pockets. Many hotels have healthy and lighter meal options for the elderly. Few have died options like diabetic diet, keto-friendly meals, etc. best new year packages are only that package where each member of the family can satisfy taste buds in new years eve hotel party.

Childcare Facilities- In New Years Eve Hotel Party

New year celebration packages with childcare facilities can be the best way to have adult-only fun for a while. Many new year celebration packages come with an on-site kids club and games for children.  Some hotels rent toys, games, cribs, and strollers at no extra hidden costs. Such new year party deals are best for young couples with kids. However, it may come up with extra charges.

Ways To Get The Best Deals And Discounts  

It is common for many hotels to provide extra discount coupons for kids and some also for elderly people. Some best new years party packages even allow you to book an extra room for children at half the cost of a single room. Whichever hotel you are staying in, ask about discounted tickets to nearby locations.

 Many new years party packages include discounted tickets to major theme parks like Disneyland and Universal Studios. New years eve hotel party in 2021 is estimated to come up with discount coupons. Don’t forget to have a look at the brochure shelf in the lobby for best t new years eve packages.

The Best Method To Get Discount

However, the best method to look for discounts in new year celebration packages is sticking to online platforms. Several sites provide the best deals. Make sure to compare the price of the same hotels and new year packages on different websites. Look for discount codes and don’t forget to apply them while booking. Carefully read about the amenities that hotels provide and then only book as per your need and budget.

Family Safety- Major Concern In New Years Eve Hotel packages

The most important concern for any family trip is of course safety especially when it is during a crowded time like the New Year. Over several decades hotels have become more family-friendly. Babysitting and elderly sitting services have become a relatively common amenity in many hotels. If you are worried about the safety of your child many packages come up with child proofing kits upon request.

 The ambiance of new year’s eve in surrounding areas might not be safe as hotels. So many new Years eve hotel packages have fun activities within the hotel compound only. It may include fishing, crabbing, arrowhead hunting, campfire, mineral pools, etc. Separate dancing space for a family has become ordinary in a hotel nowadays. With new years eve hotel packages, You can also join community groups and special cultural dances in many places.  


When traveling, Finding the best new year’s eve hotels is one of the most daunting and time-consuming tasks. Yet It is a very crucial part of planning your new year trip and getting the perfect new year package.  

Choosing an improper place can be a costly mistake especially when you have kids and the elderly around. The factor you must consider different than new years packages 2020 is to carefully enquire and observe for safety and sanitization measures followed in the hotel for dealing with coronavirus. so make sure to follow tips for picking awesome New Year eve hotel packages and best new year party deals for a marvelous beginning of the year 2021. 

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