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Life is full of ups and downs and hecticness for everyone. But we do find time to celebrate so many memorable moments and festivals with our beloved ones. Valentine’s week ended just two days ago and now the month of March is awaiting a celebration as it is bringing Women’s Day to our calendars.

While the females will be thinking of being appreciated, men don’t actually have any plans regarding the same. Well, the same thing happens on Men’s Day, but we should keep that aside right now.

The purpose of this article is to bring a hearty awareness to men about the importance of women’s day and how they can celebrate it.

International Women’s Day is observed on 8th March every year to commemorate women’s achievements around the world and their contribution towards the development of society.

Your life started with your mother, and she poured all she can to give you a better life and to raise you with all her love. And as a man grows, he gets attached with more women and develops a deep relationship.

You might have surprised the women in your life on their special days like birthdays but women’s day celebration is all about thanking them for whatever they have done for you and to appreciate the unmatchable love and efforts of a woman towards her family and the ones she loves from all her heart.

Mark the day on your calendars and make your plans accordingly. Keep the date locked just to put efforts to bring a wide smile on the different faces of women in your life.

Start By Surprising Your Mom 

The first woman and the person superior to God; your mother deserves all your efforts! You should start celebrating women’s day by surprising your mom in any way you can. Take her on holiday to her dream destination. Hug her tightly and express all the love through some lovely words. And if however, you are residing away from your mom, you can send a delicious women’s day special cake to her through cake delivery in Delhi or wherever she lives.

Bring A Smile To Your SIster

Having a sister is nothing less than a divine blessing! And if you are that lucky, then you should do whatever you can to wish a very happy women’s day to your sister and make her smile wide. Present lovely gifts to her or appreciate her love with special greeting cards. Picking a box full of mouth-watering chocolates is also a great way to celebrate women’s day with your sister.

Tickle Heart Of Your Lovely Wife

After your mother, your wife is the woman who will pour her selfless love upon you without a stop. She cooks food for you and takes care of the family. As your morning passed in surprising your mother, and the day went to bring a smile to your sister, schedule the evening to tickle the heart of your lovely wife. Take her to a candlelight dinner or go for a shopping spree with her. Get down on your knees, hold her hand, and thank her for being there in your life and making it easy. You can aslo delight her heart by presenting some personalised women’s day special gifts such as cushions, a ceramic mug, a flower bouquet, or a membership to her favourite beauty parlour.

Don’t Forget To Scatter Happiness To Your Mother-In-Law.

We bet that your mother-in-law loves you as much as she loves her daughter. She treats you like her own son every time you pay a visit, and you couldn’t ask for more. On women’s day, do find some time to send a lovely gift to her and scatter long-lasting happiness in her life. You can gift a Kashmiri Shawl or a combo of digestive cookies.

Make this women’s day count!


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