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Aren’t we all up for a new Hindi movie and at the time when we have daily doses on Netflix and Prime, Hindi movies on Amazon Prime are our all-time favorites as they are loaded with stories, suspense, thriller and enough drama. To make it easy for you, here’s a list of amazon prime hindi movies 2021 that you must not skip if you are also a movie freak like all of us.

  1.     The Lunch Box 

When we talk about Hindi movies on Amazon Prime, let’s start with The Lunch Box, a super fine watch drama. Ila (Nimrat Kaur), a lonely housewife, by preparing a special lunch for her husband, decides to try adding some spice for her stallion marriage. The delivery goes wrong, unfortunately, and winds up in the hands of the irritable widower, Saajan (Irrfan Khan). Strange about the lack of response to her husband, Ila adds a message to the lunch box on the next day and thus begins an unusual friendship in which Ila and Saajan can talk of their joys and sorrows without ever having any personal meeting. This charming fantastic drama focuses on Saajan (Irrfan Khan) and Ila (Nimrat Kaur), two lonely persons who, following a mix of a lunch box service, develop an unlikely bond.

  1.     Unpaused

There are thousands of new Hindi movies on Amazon Prime you can watch with your friends or even alone but the story of unpaused is something you shouldn’t miss.

When it comes to one good thing, it is all of the brilliant film that inspired from the COVID-19 pandemic. The Hindu anthology Unpaused, which focuses on the lives of various people affected by it, is one of those titles. The film addresses topics such as solitude, relations, hope and new beginnings.A series of films focused on how people progress despite their misfortune, from the importance of new beginnings to the second opportunity at the end of dark tunnels.

  1.      Shikara

In the course of the Kashmiri Pandits exode – the number of violent anti-hindus attacks which took place after the insurgency in Jammu and Kashmir during the 1990s—Shikara, inspired partially by Rahul Pandit’s memoir Our Moon Has Blood Clots, follows the story of love by Kashmiri Pandits, Shanti (Sadia Khateeb) and Shiv Dhar (Aadil Khan). This Hindi movie on Amazon Prime is definitely an exceptional creation of reality, carrying the sorrow of Kashmiri Pandits legitimately.

A young couple Shiv and Shanti, in the midst of the Kashmir Hindus exodus, are telling the love storey of their children. The couple, among thousands others, struggle to maintain their hopes alive and forced to quit their homes as refugees in their own countries.

  1.    The white tiger

In the list of best Hindi movies on Amazon Prime, The White Tifger must rule your heart. This film, co-produced by Ava DuVernay, is based on a bestseller from the New York Times. Adarsh Ghourav, a man who comes from poverty aspires to be a wealthy chauffeur’s heir, is followed by the White Tiger. And with its smart and cunning streets, he winds up in the parasite-esque turn of events.

Balram Halwai (Gourav Adarsh) recounts his epic, humorous rise to the success of a businessman in modern India from the poor villagers. Cunning and ambitious, the young hero makes his way back from the United States, to become a driver for Ashok (Rajkummar Rao) and Pinky (Priyanka chopra-jonas). Balram has been trained by the company to be a servant, and he is therefore indispensable to his wealthy masters. But he knows the corrupted length they are going to catch him and save himself after a night of betrayal. Balram rebels against a rigged, unequal system to rise to be a new type of master, about to lose everything.

  1.     Karwaan 

Avinash, an ill-happy man who feels stuck in his dead-end job, is thrown into a big curve when he realizes that his father in command is gone. He and his friend go from Bengaluru to Kochi after he heard this news, and take a young teenager joins them on the trip because of a twist of fate. In order to solve the misunderstanding, Avinash and his friend Shaukat choose to travel to Kochi.

Karwaan along with other super class movies is one of the best Hindi movies on Amazon Prime if you are willing to watch something light and exciting this weekend.

  1.   Thappad

When the husband of Amrita Sandhu, Vikram Sabharwal, hits her at a party in front of everybody, he refuses to accept responsibility and his guests encourage her just to ‘move on.’ Amrita’s happiness, however, is shattered by a slap in a party that makes her file for a divorce. However, Amrita, feeling shaken, is showing that she needs to get out and protect herself. It is an unborn child’s bitter divorce and custody struggle.

Thappad, recently been added to the list of new Hindi movies on Amazon Prime definitely is a win.

  1.     Tumbbad

The pre-eminent and latest Hindi movie on Amazon Prime not only contains a strong message about glamour and greed, but also a lot of suspense.

Vinayak (Sohum Shah) is located in the village of Tumbbad on hunting for a precious, hidden treasure, but there is something sinister that protects this fortune. A personal tragedy affects a young boy Vinayak Rao. His meeting with a miserable old woman, who knows a tree buried, leads him on the way of avarice. His name is Hastar and his golden medallions and he grows up to explore the local legend.

  1.     Tribhanga

When the strange writer’s mother falls into a coma, Anuradha (Kajol) thinks about her stress and choices as she deals with a rough patch between her and her own daughter, Masha (Mithila Palkar). The story revolves around three women and their unconventional choices in a dysfunctional family. Anuradha, an actor and dancer from Bollywood, is as complex and hardy as her mother. Masha (Anuradha’s daughter) is different from the rest of the women in her family.. She is a pregnant housewife who is willing to compromise on something “usual”. She is a pregnant housewife who is eager to compromise on anything she’s deprived of to have “normal” lives. A brain stroke forces Nayantara to rejoin and cope with their differences in a coma.

  1.   Pagglait

Five months after her wedding day, the young woman becomes a widow and while her whole family has been shaken by the death, she cannot complain. When she finds her husband’s five million rupee insurance policy to be the sole beneficiary, she travels to explore her new life. She has the opportunity to learn more. But her late husband is made an unexpected discovery.

Pagglait, the addition to new Bollywood movies on Amazon Prime revolves around Sandhya, a strong but still woman in a family of the middle class whose wife suffers an untimely death in the wedding a few months. Sandhya should traditionally blunder, cry, and mourn the death of her husband but not. She’s somewhat odd and different.

In a middle class family with a marriage which takes several months from the husband’s early death, Pagglait revolves around the woman Sandhya (Played Sanya Malhotras). Sandhya should traditionally blush and cry and mourn the death of her husband, but she does not choose to. She’s different from other widows and somewhat odd (as her family thinks she is) She asks her mother to stop crying and hugging her. She then asked Pepsi when the mother offered her tea. She’s seen screaming and smiling with gol-gappas. Sandhya’s just meek and tiresome. When the family realises that its late husband has confirmed that Sandhya is an insurance worth fivety lakh.

  1. Gully Boy

Murad, a poor dog, is fighting through rapping to express his views on social questions and Dharavi’s life. When he meets a local rapper, the Shrikant alias MC Sher, his life changes drastically.

Who does not love an exciting story about the coming of age? Follow Murad Ahmed in the slums of Mumbai as he strives to make him a street rapper. By winning a record of 13 film awards in 2020, it made history.

Whether it’s a work day or a lazy Sunday, it is always the finest choice to watch a masala Bollywood movie on Amazon Prime. This list of ten movies add to the list of 2021 movie-marathon.


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