Quick Comparison between Tyre Inflators and Foot Pumps

A car air compressor is one of the most practical accessories to add in your car’s toolkit.

As you might have already heard of products like car tyre inflators, foot pumps, tyre inflators, etc., there’s a lot of confusion about what these products actually are and how they work.

Here in this blog we have tried to settle the confusion about what is a car air compressor and a car tyre foot pump.

What is an Air Compressor?

A car air compressor is a machine that is used for filling air inside deflated tyres of different vehicles like cars, SUVs, bikes, tractors, trucks, etc.

A car air compressor can be of two types:

  • Car Tyre Inflator

It is an electric device connected to your car’s cigarette socket that uses electrical energy to pump air inside underinflated or deflated car tyres.

  • Car Foot Pump

A car foot pump is a machine made of a barrel and pistol assembly, a hose, and a footprint tread plate. This plate is pushed down and up with your foot and this mechanical energy is used to refill underinflated tyres.

Why Do You Need an Air Compressor?

A portable car air compressor is one car accessory that enhances your car owning experience and adds true value to your life.

Here are two reasons why you must invest in a mini car air compressor for your vehicle:

  • For regular in-house maintenance of the tyre pressure of your vehicles. Maintaining an optimum pressure all the time prolongs tyre service life.
  • For flat tyre emergency situations when you are left stranded with a flat tyre on a deserted road with no repair shops nearby.

Best Car Air Compressor Machine Brand Online

While we have an excellent number of online brands that offer car accessories like a car air compressor, not all of them are reliable.

This is because the internet these days is stuffed with fake and counterfeit products.

However, there’s this one brand that has gained the people’s trust over many decades of providing top-notch quality products online. That brand is Michelin.

As we all recognize Michelin for its long-lasting tyres, the brand also produces an excellent range of mini and portable car air compressors like tyre inflators and foot pumps.

Best-Selling Car Air Compressors by Michelin

Michelin produces both types of car air compressors– car tyre inflators and foot pumps.

The tyre inflators and foot pumps by Michelin are super long-lasting, durable, and top-notch quality machines that can be used to inflate any tyres from 0 to 30 PSI in about 2-15 minutes.

The Michelin car air compressor products catalogue includes:

  • Michelin cordless rechargeable car tyre inflator (INR 11,995)
  • Michelin digital micro tyre inflator, only for top-up (INR 3,695)
  • Michelin high power rapid tyre inflator (INR 6,495)
  • Michelin high power tyre inflator with detachable digital tyre pressure gauge (INR 5,795)
  • Michelin digital single barrel foot pump (INR 2,895)
  • Michelin analogue single barrel foot pump (INR 2,195)
  • Michelin digital double barrel foot pump (INR 3,495)
  • Michelin analogue double barrel foot pump (INR 2,995)


So, here we have finally settled the confusion of car air compressor Vs. car foot pumps.

While a car air compressor is a machine used to inflate car tyres, a foot pump is a mini version of an air compressor for regular, in-house maintenance of vehicles.

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Hope this article was helpful for you and you enjoyed reading it through to the end.

Have a wonderful day ahead.


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